Some Election-Time Serenity

A week ago, I jokingly posted this photo of Steve and me as we traveled to Winnipeg for a yet-to-be disclosed reason. I joked that, since Trump appears to be the presumptive Republican party presidential nominee, we were avoiding the mad rush to Canada. But, have you noticed, I’ve stopped posting much about politics these days? I’ve all but stopped… Continue reading

This Is Why “They” Are Afraid…

This is one of the major reasons I believe we have massive surveillance by government in democracies around the world. This is one reason the government wants higher education to be prohibitively expensive and public school children not to be critical thinkers. Russell Brand is a bit of a loose canon. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s quick. He’s got that… Continue reading

Greece/Denmark: Day Three — Exploring Santorini 1

Breakfast Adventure Hiking around is best done on a tummy filled with breakfast. Today should have been no exception, but, where in the world is the villas‘ restaurant? At check in, it’s location was vaguely described as “just over there.” While shooting a few morning photos of the sunrise, I noticed a fellow in a nearby villa also enjoying the… Continue reading

Goats On Roof Old Country Market

Located on Vancouver Island in Coombs, BC, Canada, goats live atop the grassy roof until winter approaches, when they are taken down. Goat feces is one thing, but the whole goat sliding off of the icy roof onto the unsuspecting customers below is a entirely different matter. The old country market is not just a great tourist trap, it’s an… Continue reading

Why We Need Big Bird

This post isn’t about US politics and has nothing to do with Mitt Romney‘s position to kill off funding for PBS. This post is about why we need a PBS. Old World, First Growth Forests (Huh?) I recently returned from a trip to Vancouver Island. While there I took a tour to the Pacific coast of the island with a… Continue reading

Lake Louise Panos

Back in 2007 we traveled to the Canadian Rockies. I shot two panos before my 8mm Sigma Fisheye lens locked up and refused to work. I was so disappointed because I was eager to shoot many more. At any rate, I got busy and never posted the panos I did shoot on that trip. So, here they are. Click each… Continue reading


I just came across Eirc Whitacre‘s Virtual Choir, 2010.  His idea is brilliant.  His composition and conducting are glorious.  The finished product is sheer transcendence:  people all over the globe bringing voice to beauty.  This is spectacular:  technology in the service of beautiful, united though individual, human emotive expression—a true global collaborative effort at its finest.  You easily see both… Continue reading