Living in Sinus Hell

A couple of nights ago, a ferocious wind storm came through (a weather front without rain). I was walking along the sidewalk in Culver City, heading to meet friends for dinner at Fraiche, one of the many delightful little restaurants in downtown Culver City. The wind was so fierce, debris was blowing into my hair and into my eyes. I’ve… Continue reading

Do You Know This Man?

Do you recognize this face? I didn’t either although he looks very familiar in an all-American-man-his-age sort of way. While neither of us have probably ever seen him before, odds are high that we have heard his voice. El is the voice of AOL‘s “You’ve got mail.” and “Goodbye.” Presented below is biographical information from his website. He also runs… Continue reading

Urban Camping — A New Craze

When I was a kid my family went camping a lot. I loved it. We actually went almost every weekend for a while. I grew to love and respect the outdoors: the smell of exhaust fumes, the cramped quarters, the hard pavement, the honking horns from the passing traffic, the sounds of the steady stream of pedestrians walking by, always… Continue reading

Goodbye wires… – MIT News Office

Yilkes! Another way to get cancer? Who is studying the health implications for all of this? Now granted, wireless electricity would be immensely convenient! Is it more efficient? Is it a health risk? These are significant issues. (to me anyway…) Wireless power transfer over two-meter distance, from the coil on the left to the coil on the right, where it… Continue reading