My Federal Budget Proposal

I’m simple minded, really. So here’s my budget proposal in broad strokes: Tax the wealthy people the same way they were taxed when I was a child:  no more, no less. End the wars.  No, now.  We are not the world’s police force. Slash the non-personnel related defense department budget (which has soared) to pre 2001 levels. Slash other  “security”… Continue reading

Absolutely True!

The Republican Party, with its needless 2 wars costing trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its trillion dollar bailout of the greedy, self-serving bank executives who then gave themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses on the backs of people who actually DO pay taxes (Yes, don’t forget for one second that George W. Bush was the… Continue reading

I’ll Buy a Vow*l

In a conc*rt*d *ffort to balanc* th* stat* budg*t, th* n*wly *l*ct*d gov*rnor of California, J*rry Brown, has *nact*d a law r*quiring that *v*ryon* living in th* stat* purchas* th* l*tt*r*s w* us* wh*n writing.  Th* proc**ds from th* sal* will go to fund th* stat* *ducation budg*t. W*ll, h*r* w* ar* at th* *nd of th* month, and I… Continue reading

Where Did My Country Go?

This causes me grave concerns! Once again I ask, “How much of our privacy and freedom are we willing to surrender?!” I’ve kept asking where the ridiculous amount of money I pay in taxes is going. And then we can’t balance local, state, and federal budgets?! Is it because those agencies are spending vast sums of money on tools such… Continue reading

The People Need to Take Back the US Budget!

The politicians have wrecked our spending priorities. In my humble opinion, we need to reduce our spending on the military and absurd NASA projects (like a space station on the moon or on Mars) that probably more serve the military than anything else, and get back to the huge domestic issues (education, health care, etc.) that have remained utterly neglected… Continue reading

Put It in Perspective!

Wow! This is powerful! Check out this short video (flash) [link removed because no longer active] about the budget priorities and possible solutions. The movie, hosted by Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream) is short, clear, and (after you get past the shock of the information presented) easy to comprehend. As I said, it’s powerful. The video, and… Continue reading