People in Iceland Believe in Elves. Do You?

According to this article in boingboing, Terry Gunnell, associate folklore professor at the University of Iceland surveyed his countrymen and found them to have an expansive predilection for their little imaginary friends. Only 13 percent of participants in the study said it is impossible that elves exist, 19 percent found it unlikely, 37 percent said elves possibly exist, 17 percent… Continue reading

Government Has Lost Its Senses!

On what planet am I living?! A year-long trial of “full body scanner” machines at a UK airport (the kind that display clear images the human body, including genitals and breast implants), was only permitted to go into effect after children under 18 years of age were exempted from the scans. Privacy advocates say the “naked images” would violate Britain’s… Continue reading

Made Me Laugh

Funny guy. How dare he slap people in the face with their own hypocrisy. He supposedly was going to interview people in front of WalMart about defending traditional marriage and then, when they blubbered on about their support, ask them to sign his petition banning divorce. He says he’s confident they will support his bill because it’s not about taking… Continue reading