You Know You’re a Zombie When…

Your eyes glow hot pink (because your blood glucose is too high), and your clothes shimmer brightly in the night (because the air pollution is too high). Jin Zhang, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, is developing contact lenses that change color with the user’s blood sugar level. This could allow diabetics to monitor themselves without frequent blood… Continue reading

In a Mood

I have no idea why I am so irritable. I’ve been in this state ever since the wind storm exploded my allergies. Additionally, I’m making a huge number of typographical errors–consistently leaving letters out of words. I’m so totally over it! I’m also wondering if it’s because I’ve been taking vastly more insulin. But this post is not about the… Continue reading

I Want One of These NOW!

Using infrared light to penetrate the skin, the Lima is a blood sugar analyzer that requires no blood for a reading. After placing your hand on the Lima, football style, you hit a power button to take the reading. Then, without tearing up in front of your friend/girlfriend/pitbull, your blood sugar level will appear on the display. It’s an interesting… Continue reading


I had to get my blood sugar and weight down, my metabolism and energy up. I broke down and joined a gym. It’s really nice! (and expensive!!) It’s starting to work for me. I’ve worked out almost every day since I started. I’m up to burning about 750 calories in a workout. Let’s see, that’s 3 Reece’s Peanut Buttercups I… Continue reading