Fighting Against the Death of the Open Web

From time to time I grouse about how transglobal corporations stifle competition and fair trade to maintain their economic dominance. It’s an old story that will most assuredly never end. But, in this post, I want to specifically write about the death of the open web, how I fight back, and why you should too. Facebook As One Example I… Continue reading

Strangely Silent

Those who know me well know that I’m never just sitting around doing nothing.  So, I’ve received several comments from friends and relatives about having very little activity on my blog for the past week or two.  What’s up?! I’ve been insanely busy, primarily with exploring new technology platforms.  The fruits of these explorations will soon be evident here at… Continue reading

100 Things Upgraded to v. 1.1

I recently reconnected with some old college roommates.  What better way to get up to speed with the man I have grown into than to read my blog.  Well sorta… Based on some questions that have been raised from various readers which indicated some misunderstandings that could too easily be taken from the 100 Things list, I upgraded it.  For… Continue reading