Fiat 500e (OJ) Has an Issue

First, I love our electric Fiat 500e. It’s small. No, it’s tiny1. It fits anywhere. It’s easy to park. Like any electric car, it drives smoothly and responsively with a great deal of torque. It’s just the perfect urban, city-dwellers’ car. But it has a huge issue, and I mean huge! It’s designed to be driven every day. No one… Continue reading

Dear @OralB,

Yes, I know it’s technically Oral-B with a dash, but Twitter doesn’t allow dashes, and I want Oral-B to get my little blog post. They have a Twitter account. Hi guys! I have been using the Oral-B battery powered Pulsar toothbrush for years now. I love it! I especially like the rubbery filaments in the brush head. I love how… Continue reading