Weeping Hysterically

I’m not a huge fan of TV, but I have watched the past 3 seasons of The Closer. I’ve even blogged about the show. I’ve been a huge fan of the show. Well, tonight is the final episode of a great TV series. I will miss it. Terribly. While Kyra Sedgwick has done a brilliant job as the main character,… Continue reading

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is a San Francisco landmark. We visited it during my sister’s recent visit. I had never before been inside of the cathedral, and it really is a beautiful space. I wasn’t really equipped to shoot pictures inside the cathedral as I didn’t have a tripod, and the lighting in the space is very low. So, I set my… Continue reading

Samsung 3D TV

Time for a break from working with the closet! I went shopping for a new TV. I was shocked at how much the technology has changed in the last 5 years. Long story short, a new 60″ Samsung extremely flat panel TV sits in the living room of the new house. It’s, shockingly, not even an inch thick, I don’t… Continue reading

Brilliant Television Returns to PBS: Downton Abbey Season Two

Masterpiece Theater will debut season two of Downton Abbey in 2012!  I just can’t wait.  The first season was fantastic: stunning acting, cast, costuming, sets, and period! Related articles The Stylish Obsession is Back: Downton Abbey (apartmenttherapy.com) PBS Triumphs at the Emmys With ‘Downton Abbey’ (aoltv.com)… Continue reading

Laughed Out Loud

Now, granted… I have a twisted sense of humor. But there’s nothing like a good jolt of adrenaline to wake you up in the morning, especially after watching a chainsaw horror flick the night before. The last instant of the video is great.  Wonder what happened after the movie stops…  The boys probably called Child and Family Services.  🙂… Continue reading

Amazing Compositing

I’m just always fascinated by compositing and green screen.  These traveling car sequences done by Stargate Studios are awesome—even to the reflections in the glass windows of the cars and the multi-angle shots.  I’d love to watch one of these compositing artists weave his/her magic.… Continue reading

The Face & Voice of an Angel

The most unexpected thing: you immediately forget your look at a child, because what you are hearing is the rapturous soprano voice of an adult. Then, at then end, when the host announces her prize, and the tears flow, you realize that she is indeed a 10 year old child.  Jackie Evancho‘s voice is astounding. Related articles: Meet Jackie Evancho,… Continue reading

Extreme, Insane, Insatiable, Stunning

I just came across the photography and video work of Shaun Reeder. Wow!! At his site, he comes across as one free-spirited human soul that isn’t bound by the force of gravity.  His adventures are stunning.  His music, photography, and videos will probably take you places you will otherwise never go.  In fact, watching his death-defying video work just makes… Continue reading

One Shot Panos

Digital Photography School has an interesting article on creating one shot panos and even 360º videos.  The GoPano Optic, by Eyesee360.com, mounts onto many camera lens and comes with software, PhotoWarp, to unwarp the resulting “donut-like” image into the pano.  It’s interesting.… Continue reading