Another Random Conversation

Night at the San Francisco Symphony… Mahler‘s 3rd Symphony is about an hour and fifty minutes long with no intermission. Our seats are in the middle of the row. So, I minimized liquids at dinner, went to the bathroom twice before the concert began, and remained standing until the concert master appeared. There were two empty seats next to me,… Continue reading

Greece/Denmark: Day Twelve — Travel Day: Paris to San Francisco

The best travel days are those that produce nothing about which to blog! I caught up on my movies: The Great Gatsby, Side Effects, Dead Man Down, The Company You Keep, Stuck in Love, and Gangster Squad. Pleasant flight: Not too hot onboard. AirFrance frequent lightly sautés their passengers. Best of all: 3 warm hand towels with a light lemon… Continue reading

Jean Stapleton, RIP

I neglected to pay a small tribute to Jean Stapleton, whose work in the TV series All in the Family, I remember fondly as a teenager. She had a prolific career. Of her passing Sally Struthers, who also played in All in the Family,  said, “Jean lived so in the present. She was a Christian Scientist who didn’t say or… Continue reading

Radio Sausalito

I finally got around to getting my haircut. Yes, I go to the Caledonia Street Barber Shop here in town. Today I noticed the music on their AM radio: Radio Sausalito: 1610 on our radio dial. It was some awesome vintage jazz. I had no idea Sausalito has an advertising-free, 24 hour jazz radio station. I’m lovin’ it! Great jazz!!… Continue reading

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

I’ve blogged, last year, about Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. They have started another campaign. And while one could find numerous potential issues with methodology, I think their campaign makes some irrefutable points that need to be assimilated into our culture. Corporate fashion and glamour marketing promotes a tremendously unhealthy self image, especially among women. They know the uglier you think… Continue reading

Quick Trip to West Hollywood!

This weekend we made a quick overnight trip to LA to meet up with friends, who also flew into the city of angels, to see a play. The trip, though short, was special. Seeing my dear friend, Mark, was wonderful. We haven’t seen each other in years, and he’s had a very difficult year but looks none the worse for… Continue reading

All for Nothing?!

Well, not really for nothing… I went to downtown Sausalito this morning to shoot panos of my gorgeous town in the morning sunshine. I didn’t get down there in time for sunrise, but I did actually get a good pano of the main area I intended to shoot. But then, I shot two additional panos that were vastly more awesome!… Continue reading

Phyllis Diller

She made me laugh, even as a young child. I recall my sister and I, when we were young children, watching something she was in. Phyllis played a character that appeared at some public event in a horridly garish outfit. The guests were all aghast, but not the character she was playing. She announced with grand flare something along these… Continue reading