Mid-century Classic Architecture

When we moved to Sausalito, California, I came to realize my intense love affair with mid-century classic architecture. I had always had it, but it was somehow hidden from my conscious awareness. We bought a mid-century classic, originally built in the 1950’s, that had been taken down to the studs and a significant amount of living space was added in… Continue reading

Cutting the Grass

I suspect just about every boy in America grows up having this assigned chore: cutting the grass, well unless you’re Mitt Romney. It’s what boys are expected to do in middle America, a rite of passage, a familial obligation and duty. But what if you lived in this house? Perhaps then it’s a punishment: “I told you, one more low… Continue reading

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is a San Francisco landmark. We visited it during my sister’s recent visit. I had never before been inside of the cathedral, and it really is a beautiful space. I wasn’t really equipped to shoot pictures inside the cathedral as I didn’t have a tripod, and the lighting in the space is very low. So, I set my… Continue reading

I Live in an Egg, or Blob…

Translated from their French Fubiz site… One bedroom original egg-shaped, designed by the Belgian company DMVA. Elle inclue une salle de bains, un lit et plusieurs espaces de stockage. It includes a bathroom, a bed and more storage space. Une façade s’ouvre automatiquement pour servir de porte. A facade opens automatically to a door. L’ensemble est mobile et peut servir… Continue reading

Good Grief!

What sheer decadence! Sort of reminds me of the Tower of Babel. I wonder how many years will pass before the building is fully occupied! Never? The world’s tallest building, rising up to 828 meters to touch the clouds, Burj Dubai, is now open for business! Burj Dubai was opened today in a ceremony, celebrating the fourth anniversary of Sheikh… Continue reading

Keys to the Castle

Ever wondered what keys to the castle actually look like? Well, here they are: full size scans of the key to the room at Ashford Castle and at Dromoland Castle. Not exactly what I was thinking, either… Although the Ashford key is cool. And I do like “Distinction since 1543” on the Dromoland key. />… Continue reading

Ireland: Another Aside

Tonight I’m staying in a castle, the Dromoland Castle, built in 1543, just a few years before Pensacola, Florida, my hometown, was first established. I can’t wait to shoot pictures of it tomorrow. Also, the heads of government around the country of Ireland must be reading my blog and took immediate action [this of course is my sense of humor.].… Continue reading

Awesome Floating Staircases

Takes me a second to get my head around this! Those two amazing sets of stairs are from the Didden Village project by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV. The project itself is a rooftop addition in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The exterior is a stark contrast to its surrounding (and may not be to everyone’s tastes), as you can see in the link… Continue reading