Driving the 50mm 1.2 L Prime

For some inexplicable reason, I’ve considered this Canon lens as a portrait lens. Not until yesterday did I decide to take it out and push it around in the wild. The lens is amazing—offering a huge range of possibilities. The images, though you will not be able to notice from these small JPEGs, are super clean and spot on sharp.… Continue reading

SlideShowPro Rocks My World

Several years ago I discovered Todd Dominey’s SlideShow Pro (SSP), which I use to present my photos here at tt.us.  (Check them out at timtyson.us/photos.)  Over the years SSP has evolved into a really slick, powerful, wonderful tool for managing both photo and video distribution.  As my knowledge and understanding of the various SSP products has grown, I would place… Continue reading

And Then, in One Sickening Moment, It Dawned On Me…

I just read this from a blog I follow and had a sickening realization: You may have heard that I don’t do iPhone or iPad development at this time. That said, it’d be silly to not keep track of what Apple is up to with the platform they care for most.” … [Source: Install Beta Developer Tools In Sparse Disk… Continue reading

Aperture 2.0 and Lightroom 2.0

Apple has some really great ideas in their Aperture software. I really like several of the implementations of the tools–very intuitive and natural. But when Apple’s own software can not run on Apple’s own state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line hardware without constant, serious, and totally annoying issues, it’s no good. I’ve posted before that I’ve abandoned Apple’s Aperture myself. For years now, Apple… Continue reading