20 Years Old

So the world wide web celebrates its 20th birthday. Jeeze, time flies! I didn’t begin using the internet until the Fall of 1996 when AOL (America Online) started its $19.95 monthly flat-rate subscription service because I knew too many people who were getting $200 – $300 AOL bills each month. No way! So this Fall will mark my 15th anniversary… Continue reading

Naive, If Not Blatantly Dishonest

I have been asked numerous times why I do not have a Facebook page.  Originally, I had three main reasons: I thought Facebook would be another digital fad like AOL, MySpace, etc.  It would go away—and indeed probably will in time .  Something else would replace it.  Would I then have to jump on that social tool-du-jour? I have two… Continue reading

Do You Know This Man?

Do you recognize this face? I didn’t either although he looks very familiar in an all-American-man-his-age sort of way. While neither of us have probably ever seen him before, odds are high that we have heard his voice. El is the voice of AOL‘s “You’ve got mail.” and “Goodbye.” Presented below is biographical information from his website. He also runs… Continue reading