#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 7

When I work out, admittedly only about 4 times a year, I attempt to view my photos on the AppleTV. The new Photos app now lets me share all of the photos in my Lightroom catalog! Today was the first time I tried it, and it worked. The TV just pulled random photos from a 50,000+ photo collection. What a… Continue reading

#SevenDayPhotoChallenge: Photo 1

Oh dear. Now I feel under pressure! Steve Krodman nominated me (isn’t this more like a chain letter than a nomination?) for the 7 photos in 7 days in which you are supposed to nominate another person each day to accept the challenge of posting an interesting nature/wildlife/landscape photo. At first I thought the photos had to be HDR. So,… Continue reading

When It Rains…

July, August, and September proved to be an unexpectedly difficult time for this family. July Remember the window shades ordeal that started back in December but never seemed to end? They were supposed to be completed mid July. Almost were. A little problem. Will reschedule. Also, in mid-July we received a notice from the DeKalb County Department of Environmental Health… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 9 – Travel Juneau to Atlanta (Sunday)

I originally thought this would be just another boring travel day spent couped up in jets. Well, it was. But we did have a little excitement in the Juneau Airport. Delta had to bump a number of people from the plane, which was sold out. In fact, they were offering $1,000 to 8 passengers who volunteered to take a different… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 7 – Travel Day Gustavus to Juneau (Friday)

Today we were supposed to fly from Gustovus back to Juneau. However, the weather appears to have decided otherwise. We have been packed for several hours now and are hanging out, waiting for the call! The fog and drizzle appear to have burned off (mostly) here and reportedly in Juneau, but not in the intervening distance. Maybe we go today.… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 4 – Haines to Gustavus (Tuesday)

Today we boarded 2 vans and headed to the Haines International Transcontinental, Intergalactic Spaceport to fly to the remote town of Gustavus, population 350. No TSA hassle here! All they wanted to know was how much you and each piece of your luggage weighed. I think the pilots fly visually over the river. The cloud cover was too low for… Continue reading

Alaska Inside Passage: Day 2 – Travel Day / Exploration of Haines, Alaska (Sunday)

At 5:30am we were off to catch the ferry to Haines, Alaska, via the Lynn Canal. The boat, the Mariposa, is rather large, holding numerous rows of vehicles in its bowels and the potential for hundreds of people. This boat ride began that actual journey northwest in the Inside Passage. The mountains on both sides of the fjords are quite… Continue reading