100 Things Upgraded to v. 1.1

I recently reconnected with some old college roommates.  What better way to get up to speed with the man I have grown into than to read my blog.  Well sorta… Based on some questions that have been raised from various readers which indicated some misunderstandings that could too easily be taken from the 100 Things list, I upgraded it.  For… Continue reading

I Matter: Occupy Space and Have Weight? Or Really Matter?!

I really have been rather surprised at how intensely I feel about this political election.  I usually live under a rock when it comes to the news and politics.  I just have seldom wanted to know what is going on unless I can effect a positive change.  I have to matter.  I have to be a positive influence.  I have… Continue reading

100 Things About Me (v: 1.5)

I have noticed that having a 100 Things About Me list is pretty standard for blogs. So, I went to work on one. This was very hard for me to do actually and has taken 5 (+1 more = 6– since I upgraded to v: 1.1) days to complete. I don’t think about this kind of thing on a conscious… Continue reading