Pluck Your Caps Lock Key Off of Your Keyboard!

How many times have I cursed the Caps Lock key. I’ve wished I could pluck if from my keyboard more than once. Well… turns out, you can with a simple keyboard preference change! Go to System Preferences and select Keyboard. In this window, click on Modifier Keys… Now click next to “Caps Lock” and select “No Action”. Easy!… Continue reading

More 10.6 Keyboard Shortcuts

Each of these keyboard shortcuts works with the [Command] + [Shift] keys: K – Network C – Computer A – Applications H – Home D – Desktop O – Documents folder U – Utilities And, for the record, I knew Desktop, Applications, and Utilities but have always wanted one for Documents! Having one for the computer hard drive is also… Continue reading

Sonicfire Pro Upgrade

I know of at least one reader who uses Sonicfire Pro.  When you upgrade to Snow Leopard (10.6), you will need to patch Sonicfire Pro.  Maybe I just missed the obvious, but te location of the patch, and the fact that it was specifically designed for 10.6, escaped me.  When I told Sonicfire Pro to check for updates, it told… Continue reading