People in Iceland Believe in Elves. Do You?

According to this article in boingboing, Terry Gunnell, associate folklore professor at the University of Iceland surveyed his countrymen and found them to have an expansive predilection for their little imaginary friends. Only 13 percent of participants in the study said it is impossible that elves exist, 19 percent found it unlikely, 37 percent said elves possibly exist, 17 percent… Continue reading

Cursive Writing Begins to Officially Die

I’m especially interested in what parents and teachers think about this:  The state of Indiana has decided to stop teaching cursive writing in their schools.  (article) I’m not really sure what I think about that. Part of me says they’re right:  students should all be proficient at the computer keyboard.  I myself hardly ever even print and only use cursive… Continue reading

I’m a Social Liberal, BUT…

I don’t care about a person’s religious affiliations or lack thereof (as long as they are not trying to force anyone else to live by them). I don’t care about a person’s race or ethnicity, and they can’t really force that on other people. I don’t care about a person’s national origin, eye color, body type, sexual orientation, where they… Continue reading

I Need Everyone’s Opinion

This is my first experiment with the GBDeflicker plugin from Granite Bay for After Effects.  The plugin offers two main variables for removing flicker.  One is the number of frames over which the brightness of a single frame is averaged.  I chose 30 (the maximum) as this time lapse is plagued with bad flicker.  The other is to “Favor brightness”… Continue reading

The Rules Never Apply to Me!

One of the things I truly love about extremists [insert the neocon whackos] : the rules never apply to them. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Yes, that’s what enrages me about them: the garish hypocrisy they display. Here’s an example or two: Terminating a pregnancy is murder, not providing for the child’s care (healthcare, daycare, education, etc.) after s/he is… Continue reading

Vote for Your Word

Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of twenty words culled from frequent hits to Merriam-Webster OnLine and some popular submissions to Merriam-Webster’s Open Dictionary. Click on the list to go to the Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary to vote for your pick for the 2007 Word of the Year. Once at the site, you can also click on the words to learn… Continue reading

Are You a Top or Bottom Sorta Person?

I was attending the domicile cleansing rituals today, a much needed task. I was faced with the important question below: how should the toilet paper be affixed to the toilet paper rack? These are the important issues of life. I decided to ask those who choose to share. Toilet Paper Roll Poll How should the toilet paper come off of… Continue reading


I took a personality test back on July 7th, 2004. The test supposedly identified a famous person who would have a similar score. My similar mind, as they call it, was Gandhi. I was merely amused but did not place too much stock in the evaluation. Yesterday I found a completely different site that measures your political compass, as they… Continue reading