A Rainy and Cold Spring in the Pacific Northwest

This spring has been incredibly rainy and astonishingly cold compared to Springtime in Atlanta or even here last spring. We’ve had mornings in the high 30’s in May! And we have had a total of almost 40″ of rain here at the house this year so far. Storm after storm rolls in from the Pacific Ocean. Here is a four-picture… Continue reading

An Unexpected Incursion Has Taken Place in the Flower Garden

Every morning and evening Steve feeds the birds in the flower garden. They expect it. They frequently gather at breakfast and dinner time awaiting their meals. And, frankly, Steve delights in feeding them. We have a lot of small birds, doves, what we call quirky birds (They are the largest birds and prefer to walk or, more typically, run, and… Continue reading

Buying a New House Is Never Simple

Buying a new house is not as simple as just purchasing a place to live – as if that is a simple process. You then have to “make the place yours,” which goes well beyond deeds, lawyers, lots of money, and moving your stuff into the property. You personalize the new place – make it reflect your taste and preferences.… Continue reading

Storm + Ocean + Sunset + Time-lapse

We have had a very wet winter thus far – numerous storms coming in from the ocean. Yesterday we had storms coming and going with such speed the actual weather events looked as if they were a time-lapse. The clouds were moving incredibly fast. After dinner I noticed the clouds looked especially dramatic. Additionally, sunset was fast approaching, and initially… Continue reading

We Had a Small Storm Come Ashore Yesterday…

And here is the 34 second time-lapse to prove it. I had to end it when I did because the rains started. Near the very end of the time lapse you can see the clouds moving in an enormous circular pattern indicated by the wind model below from the windy.com website. They were coming from the north heading south miles… Continue reading

Lovin’ the Photos Memories: Gold Beach @Myers Creek

Here’s another Photos memory Apple’s AI created from some of my iPhone photos and video. It just picks these and puts this all together and then shares it with me on my phone. I still find it amazing! This video features scenes of the ocean here around Meyers Creek1 along the southern Oregon coast. https://photos.smugmug.com/IPhoneography/IPhone-Memories/i-HDZ2hNg/0/39e6accb/1280/2021101412490549-6053879475786295023-Gold%20Beach%20-%20Aug%2017%2C%202020-1280.mp4 For the growing collection of… Continue reading