Must-See TV: God Forbid

For years I’ve been mildly frustrated by the lack of attention given in mainstream media and public discourse to religious fundamentalism’s1 core values, roots and origin story, goals, and their incomprehensible disconnect between what they teach and how their leadership actually live. The hypocrisy is staggering2 . But I think when the Christian Nationalists’ stormed the capitol on January 6th,… Continue reading

Revisiting A Glorious Performance

In April, 2017, we attended am extraordinary concert at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. I blogged about it in more detail than usual because I found it so incredibly moving. The concert featured the work of pianist Denis Kozhukhin, and his encore was transcendent. That encore performance remains, to this day, the single most presentation of beauty I’ve ever… Continue reading

JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations

Below is a link to Beatrice Rana’s 2017 recording of JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations. I’ve been listening to them today. I’ve always found JS Bach’s music puts the energy in the world back in balance once again. “BBC New Generation Artist Beatrice Rana sets her sights on Bach in this dignified reading of the Goldberg Variations. Treating every ornamentation and… Continue reading

Setting Up the Apple TV 4K for Lossless Music and Dolby Atmos with the Sonos Arc Surround Sound System: Settings After the New Installation

Table of Contents OverviewThe Current SettingsApple TV Video SettingsApple TV Audio SettingsSony  XBR-65X900C TV Video SettingsSony  XBR-65X900C TV Audio SettingsiPhone Apple Music App SettingsApple TV’s Music App SettingsComputer Apple Music App’s SettingsGeneral TabPlayback TabArcana SettingsDigital Concert Hall App by the Berlin PhilharmonicImportant Take-AwaysOther Posts in This SeriesPost One: Setting Up the Apple TV 4K for Lossless Music and Dolby Atmos… Continue reading

Am I Now a Professional Photographer?

I’ve always thought you were classified as a professional when you got paid to do something. You were considered an amateur when you did “whatever” without financial payment. I’m not sure where I got this notion. Through the years I’ve had people offer to purchase my photos for various reasons. I always turned them down. I didn’t shoot photos for… Continue reading

COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – a Review

COLE & MASON I love finding new things that I really like – things I wish I had known about much sooner than when I actually discovered them. This is one of those stories. For the holidays I decided to get Steve the Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with stainless steel mills and premium sea salt… Continue reading

Overcast (Podcast Aggregator) App Review

I’ve become quite fond of listening to podcasts while I do boring, mindless household chores. I put my earbuds in and get lost in an interesting episode from one of the many podcast series to which I subscribe. But I had a problem I had to overcome: most people, including myself, talk too slowly to hold my attention in a… Continue reading

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

I’ve been using WordPress as my blogging platform now for probably over 13 years. I changed from MovableType when WordPress 3.0 was released. Once I got my head around how it worked (which was very different from MovableType), I really liked it. Plugins make WordPress both powerful and easy to use, and I’ve used many, many different plugins through the… Continue reading