From My Old Barbershops: Two As-Yet-Untold Stories about Relationships

Through the years I’ve written several blog posts on my experiences at various barbershops throughout my life. Rather than repeat any of that content, I’ll just put the links to those posts below. But this post will be about two shop stories I’ve never shared before. 2008: My First (and Last) CA Surfer Dude Do2010: The Tonsorial Parlor2011: Now This… Continue reading

Aveda Shampoo Vs. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Shampoo

I have been using Aveda products for literally decades. I’ve been especially fond of their Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner and their men’s Pure-formance shampoo and conditioner though I have used several of their others through the years. I appreciate that their products are completely vegan. I like how they clean my hair, and I love their fragrance. The scents… Continue reading

Today: US Coup Attempt by Domestic Terrorists Deliberately Incited by Donald Trump

I’ve tried exceptionally hard not to write much about politics in the last year or so, but right now I’m furiously angry. I write this post to document US history and begin a conversation about who is to blame and the need for accountability. Today Donald Trump and his cronies addresed a crowd of 30,000 supporters and incited them to… Continue reading

We Don’t Accept Cash

Just over a year ago, we purchased our pickup truck, a 1500 RAM Laramie. Yeah, I never imagined myself as a pickup truck sort of guy, but we were thinking about buying an RV and touring the West when we moved out here. We would need something more utilitarian than our Prius Prime, Smurph1 After finally agreeing on the vehicle… Continue reading

Impressive Deadbolt

Having just purchased a house, we need to rekey the property. We prefer keyless locks because we don’t always have our keys with us. And this, being the largest property we have ever had, makes walking out to the shop (a quarter mile from the house) only to realize you don’t have your key to the shop1 a real pain.… Continue reading