Some Interesting iTunes/Casting Stuff

Profcast An interesting concept: Drop your Keynote or PowerPoint presentation onto the little application, begin your presentation, and Profcast times each slide and records what you say. When you’re done: poof! A podcast to upload to your server! I plan to try it with a wireless mic connected to my Mac soon. Life2Go I’ve used this program for years. It… Continue reading

Hmm, Interesting…

I have had a total of 121 hits from the following countries: United Kingdom Germany Turkey Australia Hungary I seem to be a big hit in the UK and Austria.  Hi!  Whoever you are.  Would love to come visit!  :o) Most visitors to my site stay between 5 and 15 minutes and use Windows.  However, I have a healthy number… Continue reading

100 Things About Me (v: 1.5)

I have noticed that having a 100 Things About Me list is pretty standard for blogs. So, I went to work on one. This was very hard for me to do actually and has taken 5 (+1 more = 6– since I upgraded to v: 1.1) days to complete. I don’t think about this kind of thing on a conscious… Continue reading

Another Generous Soul

If you read my posting on June 7th, about  Alan November, you saw a  comment from Janet;  otherwise, I just called your attention to it all.  :o) You’ll see that she did a little digging and found Martin Dougiamas‘ software called Moodle.  Hmmm, free, open source, and, at the least, very interesting. I am always amazed when people are so… Continue reading

Gratitude Is a Good Thing

I have to say thanks to one of the smartest and most patient guys I know, Evans. I met him in cyberspace probably about 10 years ago, and we have never really met face to face. Well, OK, we did try that video conferencing thing years ago when string connected computers to the Internet. I guess he really is a… Continue reading