Part II of "The 25th Anniversary"

The digital revolution was just beginning when I started the doctoral program at the University of Illinois. I decided to purchase a computer to replace my grandmother’s old Underwood manual typewriter (pictured on the splash screen on my site), which I had been using to do all of my school papers. I made that purchase 25 years ago this holiday… Continue reading


I spent several hours yesterday introducing Sheila to the home network. Sheila is the new 300 hour Series 3 High Definition THX certified TiVo that finally arrived last week after several weeks of great anticipation. Connecting her to the network wasn’t really all that difficult. The most complex part, which took about 3 hours of trial and error without the… Continue reading

How Ignorant Are We?

Granted, I tend to think more outside the box than many I suppose, but… Alex Steffen, at World Changing, recently unveiled their first One Laptop Per Child machine (OLPC)–a project designed to provide access to educational content for the children in the developing world. The laptop is pictured here. Here’s a person’s comment to his excited post: “It would probably… Continue reading

Jonathan Ive Awarded Honorary Doctorate

I must say that I was privileged to hear Dr. Ive speak during the summer of 2005 while visiting Cupertino, California. His passion for perfection, elegance, and unobtrusive functionality is inspiring. Certainly his work at Apple has been legendary and standard-setting! Apple’s Jonathan Ive was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of the Arts London. The award is in… Continue reading

Wired News: Death to Caps Lock

I hate the Caps Lock key. I rarely use it: only when I hit the damned thing by accident. It annoys me. It gets in the way of the flow of thinking for me. Do you use yours? Well, appears there’s a movement afoot to get the keyboard manufacturers of the world to ban the beastly key. “The Caps key… Continue reading

Observation from WWDC 2006

Side by side comparisons of Dell to Apple high performance machines reveal that the exact same hardware (including Intel processors) is significantly less expensive at Apple! In fact starting at $800 and going up quickly. Where I work we have both Apple laptops and Dell laptops. The Dells die twice as fast. And now they’re more expensive too?! This is… Continue reading

Airport Express Is Out There Cool!

Today I took my stereo system from upstairs and placed downstairs in the new den. I connected the TV, DVD, and stereo system. Nothing out of the ordinary. However, I purchased an Airport Express for downstairs. I connected it as well. The wireless signal from my network was just too weak and unreliable for use downstairs. The Airport Express has… Continue reading