My Head Hurts

Here is a good article at the iPod Lounge for Mac users who are interested in ripping your legally owned DVDs so you can watch them on your iPod. (They also give info for Windows users.) The article includes settings and information related to format. Handbrake, a great little application which I’ve used many times, is not completely intuitive. The… Continue reading

Alaska: A Moment of Zen

Moose Creek rushed noisily through the wilderness right next to my cabin at Denali Backcountry Lodge. In the areas pictured below it ranged between a couple of inches in depth to perhaps as much as 3 feet. After dinner on August 22, at 7:11PM, I recorded this walk around the gazebo (1), across the first bridge (2), along the small… Continue reading

Gerd Ludwig Photography – Pause and Reflect

I saw this photo and stopped my feed reading (would that be called, feeding?). The power of an image. But as I explored more deeply, the power of Gerd Ludwig‘s body of work displayed on his site gives pause to the rush of my beginning day. I highly recommend you take a visit. His galleries are powerful. I especially appreciated… Continue reading

A Terrifying Experience in the Forest

I was strolling through the woods today, enjoying the sounds of nature. I decided to record a short podcast of all of the birds singing their little hearts out. While recording this podcast presented below, suddenly, without warning, a wild beast bore down upon me, terrifying all of the birds. If you have a sturdy heart, can deal with sheer… Continue reading

Bugs on the Blog

On the night I arrived back in Atlanta after vacationing in Pensacola last week I heard the loudest bug sounds I have heard since living on the Chattahoochee River. I took my iPod outside and recorded them as this voice memo podcast. Since the recording is mono and of limited fidelity, it doesn’t begin to give you a sense of… Continue reading