Great Music

Few things can be as exciting, as uplifting, a cause for a savoring pause as the sweeping beauty of a glorious melody. I spend much too little time feeding my soul with classical music which I so love! But, with the holidays at hand, I went to my iTunes collection and did a search for Пётр Ильич Чайкoвский. Ok, ok…… Continue reading

Is Recycling a Bad Thing?

This is an interesting post from I wonder what the animators’ union thinks about this? The post at Hemmy has several pictured examples. Disney reuses its animation but this is hard to spot unless pictures are put side by side for comparison. Here are pairs of pictures to be spotted for animation reuse. 24 more pics after the jump.… Continue reading

NPR: Creative Spaces

Today, on my way home, Michele Norris did the first broadcast in a series on creative spaces, the physical space in which creative people choose to create. Her first broadcast featured artist James Prosek’s studio, an old schoolhouse built in 1850. Being the creative sort myself, I know how much attention I pay to the space in which I work… Continue reading

NPR Is Awesome!

So today, this man in Atlanta got to hear a man in Washington D.C. play a Tuscan Medici Stradivarius viola manufactured in 1690.  Not only did he (me) get to hear it, but everyone who tuned in to NPR just before 9:00 A.M. got to hear it too! NPR is the greatest!  This important media outlet does not just focus… Continue reading