I Know Someone Up and Coming

I met this guy through one of his former teachers who worked with me until I retired this year. She’s a great person and a wonderful teacher and is in the picture with Jake on the right. Jake actually came to our middle school and sang and composed with the students. I wasn’t really sure how that would come off,… Continue reading

I Want One of These NOW!

Using infrared light to penetrate the skin, the Lima is a blood sugar analyzer that requires no blood for a reading. After placing your hand on the Lima, football style, you hit a power button to take the reading. Then, without tearing up in front of your friend/girlfriend/pitbull, your blood sugar level will appear on the display. It’s an interesting… Continue reading

Unusual Picture

It’s long…really long. It won’t even fit on your monitor. Here is a shrunk version of it. Clicking on it will take you to the source web page where you can see the entire picture, but you will have to scroll. The photograph appears to be 11 pictures that were stitched together. The original photograph is 6,600 pixels wide and… Continue reading

A Completely Useless But "Deliciously" Practical Idea

I love Pez, a popular candy from my childhood still available today. Hmm…I have one around here somewhere. It must be found! Anyway, the picture is a link to the Pez website. Everyone loves these little plugin USB thumbdrives. They are small, portable, and some of them are actually smaller than a Pez candy dispenser. Why not marry the two?… Continue reading

Amazing High Speed Photos

I love taking pictures. I have never tried high speed photography. These photos are astounding! Capturing such amazing tiny slices of time can not be a simple task! The issues around focus alone on the dragonfly are staggering. Speed Demon Photography at Crestock.com, a creative stock images company, hosts photo contests from time to time. These are but two of… Continue reading

The People Need to Take Back the US Budget!

The politicians have wrecked our spending priorities. In my humble opinion, we need to reduce our spending on the military and absurd NASA projects (like a space station on the moon or on Mars) that probably more serve the military than anything else, and get back to the huge domestic issues (education, health care, etc.) that have remained utterly neglected… Continue reading