The Face & Voice of an Angel

The most unexpected thing: you immediately forget your look at a child, because what you are hearing is the rapturous soprano voice of an adult. Then, at then end, when the host announces her prize, and the tears flow, you realize that she is indeed a 10 year old child.  Jackie Evancho‘s voice is astounding. Related articles: Meet Jackie Evancho,… Continue reading

Bored at the Hotel

Normally, when I travel, I keep pretty busy.  But this past trip, when I arrived at the hotel, I did a quick digital checkin and then flipped on the TV —a rare thing. I couldn’t find anything of interest; so, I left the TV on HBO with some crazy vampire thing, TrueBlood, about to start. I had some passive knowledge… Continue reading

Lost: The TV Series

Has now come to its conclusion. The most brilliant storytelling ever on television. Ever! Epic. Heart wrenching. Complex. Ever evolving. Captivating. Brilliantly crafted. Flash backs. Flash Forwards. Flash sideways. Convergence. Ironically, I didn’t watched it on TV until the final episode. Even then, I didn’t see it live. I saw it on my iPod and my iPad as an iTunes… Continue reading

The Canon 5DmkII

I really like my Canon 5DmkII DLSR. I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with it and am continuously amazed at what it produces. Nothing astounds me more than the HD video it shoots. I’m not a person who watches TV. I’ve never watched the TV series House. But this year’s season finale of House is notable because it is the… Continue reading

The Matrix Is Here, Dude!

Americans need to stand up and say, “Hell No!” Hollywood claims that, in the future, they will allow you to see movies that are currently in the theater at home on your TV set while the movie is in the theater. Horse Manure!  Here’s what Tim predicts: DVD‘s as we know them today will go away.  The price of movies… Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

Yes, The Oscars are upon us! Back when I first visited my new dentist (who, incidentally, I really like!), I drove by a building I thought to be a church.  I was surprised to see that it is The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—the people responsible for The Oscars!  I made a mental note. Today, with the festivities… Continue reading