Alila Villas Uluwatu, in Bali, is  sustainable resort on Bali’s southern coast.  The pictures depict a gorgeous resort selling for $800 a night and touting luxury combined with ecology.  (I’m not too sure such a thing can exist.)  But the place is gorgeous.  [Source:  CoolHunting—sited below the pictures] I love the infinity pool pictured above. Related articles Alila Villas Uluwatu,… Continue reading

Ladies, Would You?

I think I know some ladies that would actually wear these things, I mean, shoes! Talk about making a statement!! But what, in the name of god, will they do to your feet and muscles??! This is some high drama footwear by designer Alexander McQueen“. [polldaddy poll=2925032]So ladies, here’s a survey question for you:… Continue reading

More Geneva Coolness

Sort of a cross between an electric car and a motor cycle, all on 3 wheels, Honda shows off this concept vehicle. It sort of looks like an insect. (I wonder how many of these concept vehicles have ever made it into production.) I like it just because of the photography! 😮 Images Source: Fubiz Related articles Honda’s New 1… Continue reading

Great CSS Border Radius Tool

Jacob Bijani, Tumblr’s Creative Director, said I always have to stop and think when setting a border radius in CSS, so I built a tool for it. And so, Border-Radius.com was born. Easy, intuitive, interactive, practical, and gorgeously designed.… Continue reading