Face Lift Time

Los Angeles is without doubt the place for all of the beautiful people. I’ve never seen so many attractive men and women in one place! This area is indeed consumed with physical appearance. They even advertise (nonstop it seems) breast augmentation, liposuction, plastic surgery–“give your wife the gift she’s always wanted.” It’s a bit out of control! So , in… Continue reading

Associative Musical Visual Intelligence

Jake Mandell has an interesting little test over at his site designed to test a person’s ability to associate what you hear musically with with a visual that represents it most accurately. I must confess the test to be a bit of a challenge as I really wasn’t sure what it was really testing. The visual shapes were “limited.” I… Continue reading

Quick and Dirty HDR

I’ve been wanting to try to create a HDR (high dynamic range) photograph, which is really the same shot at multiple exposure settings blending together in a way that extracts the most information from each setting to make one “super” picture. This was just a first attempt. I literally did nothing but shoot the picture and run the images on… Continue reading

NPR: Creative Spaces

Today, on my way home, Michele Norris did the first broadcast in a series on creative spaces, the physical space in which creative people choose to create. Her first broadcast featured artist James Prosek’s studio, an old schoolhouse built in 1850. Being the creative sort myself, I know how much attention I pay to the space in which I work… Continue reading