Closing the Doors at

  • My final blog post at will be published on my blog’s 20th birthday: March 19, 2024.1
  • My blog,, will permanently go offline on April 27, 2024.
  • On May 21, 2024, our photos, hosted on SmugMug, will permanently go offline.2
  • My panoramas, hosted on 360Cities, will remain online indefinitely.3
  • My videos, hosted on YouTube, will remain online indefinitely.4

All good things come to an end!


until my blog closes its doors after a 20 year run!

Of course, these dates are not arbitrary. For more detailed information about why I’m shutting my blog down, you can read this post.

So, until the doors close and the lights are out, enjoy the ramblings and observations of this amateur human connecting the dots in the scavenger hunt for life’s patterns…

I love this Bansky of a little girl saying goodbye to something she loves.

  1. Of course, this is subject to change, but this is the plan for now. 

  2. Now that they own Flickr, their only real competition, and appear to have basically left it to die, they are raising their rates every year beyond what I am willing to pay them. 

  3. as they continue to host them for free 

  4. as they continue hosting them for free.