Seems to Play a Dirty Little Game with Loyal Customers

I think we’re all over predatory capitalism. I certainly am. And I suspect that plays a dirty little trick with their repeat customers who do a lot of business with them. Here’s what I’ve observed in our account…

For items I order from them more or less routinely, when I return to re-order the items, they have suddenly had a price increase. For example: I ordered a single package of blood glucose test strips to make sure they are the correct ones for my monitor. They arrived. They were in fact the correct ones. Yay!

So, a couple of days later, when I went to order a 90 day supply, Amazon increased the price $35. Now, really? They really suddenly went up that much? Or did their algorithm figure I would be ordering these on a routine basis and just upped the price because Amazon could?

LED Stop Light (the eko)
Stop Price Gouging, Amazon!

I call this price gouging! It’s taking unfair advantage of a customer. I say it’s wrong.

As a result, I now order the exact same blood glucose testing strips from another online vendor. Their price is over $50 less than Amazon wants for the exact same product.

You screwed yourself over, @Amazon!

They have also done this with a food item we routinely order because we can not find it at our local grocery store. And when I changed the order to a similar food item that was less expensive, the next time, a couple of months later, I went to order the original food item, the price had gone back down – probably because I was unwilling to play their game and just open our bank account to them.

Tell me this is not a strategy they are using to increase profits.

This is predatory capitalism, if you ask me!

I assume they have done the math. More people just go ahead and pay the increase than don’t. Well, I’m calling on everyone to stop playing their little game. When enough people refuse to do business with them, they will treat their customers with more respect and stop preying on them.

The more I encounter this experience with the less business I will do with them. If they keep doing it, I will start using other online vendors exclusively.