Steve Is Vincent Van Gogh (with Two Ears)

Last week Steve decided to make seafood gumbo for the first time. I told him that when the old-timers made this back in the day it seemed, from my perspective as a child, to take a loooong time. But he wanted to give it a try.

Indeed, it took almost all day. He had to make the roux. That accomplishment alone impressed me! He put everything but the kitchen sink in the gumbo.

His first attempt wasn’t just successful; it was wildly successful!

Those that know Steve know that when he eats spicy foods, his head sprouts sweat like the Trevi Fountain! The gumbo didn’t taste overly spicy to me at all, but it was spicy enough to put his sweat glands into hyper drive. He even got flushed in the face.

I couldn’t resist. I took a picture of him at the table. He loved the photo and posted it to his Facebook (Boo! Mark Zuckerberg!!) page. One of his friends replied that he looked like Vincent Van Gogh.

When he told me about the comment, I thought, “Well, of course! He really does!” I’ve spent decades of my life with this man and had never made this observation. But once you think it; you can’t unsee it.

You’re welcome!