COLE & MASON Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set – a Review


I love finding new things that I really like – things I wish I had known about much sooner than when I actually discovered them. This is one of those stories.

For the holidays I decided to get Steve the Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with stainless steel mills and premium sea salt and peppercorns. The main reason for the gift: our regular salt and pepper shakers, which we have had for decades, don’t work so well here at the ocean. I assume the increased moisture in the air makes the salt and pepper less inclined to come out.

I thought the hand ground mills would make the salt and pepper flow more freely, and my hunch was right. They work like a charm. We no longer have to bang on the shakers and begin flailing the shakers about while doing semi-savage incantations to lure the salt and pepper out of hiding. Now: just twist. It’s awesome. It’s fresh.

But here’s what I didn’t realize: the sea salt, but especially the peppercorn, is fantastically tasty – I mean delicious! Sure I’ve had “Would you like freshly ground pepper on that, sir?” at restaurants, but I never noticed any difference in flavor. With this new pepper grinder, the flavor just absolutely explodes. Maybe I just put more on my meal than I would have the waiter use when we were eating out? Maybe these peppercorns are fresher? Who knows. What I do know is the flavor is wonderful!


The stainless steel mills work flawlessly. I have them set to deliver larger ground bits than we would normally have in traditional salt and pepper shakers. The size of the ground salt and pepper bits gives the flavored item a touch of crunch. So we are getting both flavor and texture at the same time. Yum! 

I highly recommend the Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinder Set. They serve their respective contents easily, showering down salt and pepper on your food. And the taste and texture, well… it’s amazing.

A reminder: I never have nor ever will accept any requests or payments of any kind for my endorsements or negative comments. I buy the products I write about just like everyone else, actually use them, and I report my own personal experiences with them. All opinions are my own. Your opinions and experiences may vary.