JackTrip Live Remote Music Rehearsal and Performance

I will always, hands down, prefer live music making and live concerts. Recordings are awesome, but they are just not the same1

But, at the same time, I’ve always lamented that musicians can’t collaborate (rehearse and perform together) unless they are physically present with one another in the same space. And with the pandemic, making remote live music has never been more needed both for performers and audiences!

One of our neighbors, when we lived in Sausalito, CA, an incredible jazz musician himself, recently told me about a choral group he worked with at College of Marin. During the height of the pandemic, when in-person rehearsals were all canceled, this group was rehearsing remotely and gave a remote concert. Our former neighbor, Joe, was the technical facilitator that helped make that happen. Yesterday he told me how this was done.

In this short and very informative NPR video below, you will learn why live remote rehearsal is not possible: latency. They show it. And they introduce a really cool solution that will allow performers within a 300 mile radius to practice and perform together live over the internet in real time without latency issues. It’s amazing. The tech is called JackTrip. It’s what Joe used with the choral group.

Imagine my delight when I learned about JackTrip.

Steve performed remotely in 2021 with the clarinet and percussion sections of the Atlanta Wind Symphony. But that performance was not live. They each downloaded a click track. We recorded Steve’s part and uploaded it. The band’s assistant director and technical guru took all of the uploads and synced their click tracks together into the online performance which can be seen at this link.

  1. Having typed this, I do recall an exception! The Chris Botti concert at Davies Symphony Hall back in 2012 was a sad evening in the concert hall. I wrote about it back then – link in previous sentence.