Throwback Thursday Photo Retrospective (11 of 12)

Below are more old photos from my vintage Instagram account now long since deleted.

This is among the first Instagram photos I shot. I loved the color and the lighting and the way the filter brought out both.

One of the walls in the outside patio at the Oar House restaurant in Pensacola, Florida. This is one of my favorite eateries in Pensacola. It’s on the water and is totally open to the outside no matter where you sit. Good seafood and a great vibe

A giant metal praying mantis atop the garden center, Low Water Plants, along the 101 just north of Sausalito and Marin City in Mill Valley. You can see the flying saucer inside the building at this link.

Another of several Instagrams I shot of the Point Bonita Lighthouse where we volunteered as docents

My favorite troll is about to send a tweet

I took this Instagram of a toy truck placed atop my glowing iPad. It looked more interesting than I anticipated.

Below is a slideshow of my entire Vintage Instagram Gallery on SmugMug from which these photos were plucked. And this is the link to the first post in this series.