Buying a New House Is Never Simple

Buying a new house is not as simple as just purchasing a place to live – as if that is a simple process. You then have to “make the place yours,” which goes well beyond deeds, lawyers, lots of money, and moving your stuff into the property. You personalize the new place – make it reflect your taste and preferences. Not until that process is completed does it actually feel like it’s your new home.

We have finally gotten to that point here in Oregon. Over a year ago now, we moved our stuff into the house. Figuring out where what went and how to best arrange it took time. Then we wanted to add some overhead “can” lights, some art lights, change some existing light fixtures and change out some of the light switches. (I’m addicted to the Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmers and picos!) There were many things to order as, here in rural America, you don’t have the luxury of stopping by Home Depot or The Lighting Loft on the way home.

And finally, we wanted to change up some things: remove a couple of built-in bookcases and repaint the inside of the house in new colors to freshen things up a tad in a more unified look that better suited us. It’s a process – a long process. And out here there is a common expression we hear often: “There’s no hurry in Curry.” (We live in Curry county.) N.e.v.e.r have truer words been spoken!

So we officially moved into the house about one year and three months ago, and just yesterday all of the work got completed. So this process took about 15 months. Wow! The house electrical work is now completed. The painting is all done. The various projects are all checked off the list. We’re as “finished” as we’re going to be.

The Electrician

I want to rave for a moment about our experience with the electricians: Stadelman Electric. It’s a family-run business out of Brookings. Tim and his wife run the office and such along with one of their daughters. The other daughter, Ellen, and her assistant, Eric, did all of our work.

I had never seen a female electrician before! So, naturally, I thought this was off-the-charts awesome. But more than just that, she was good. She accomplished things other electricians said could not be done. She surveyed the task and saw easy, creative ways to solve the problems.

Here’s an example: I wanted to put an electrical outlet in the back of a drawer in the bathroom; so, the hairdryer could remain plugged in inside the drawer – just open the drawer, pull out the hairdryer and use it. Stick it back in the drawer and close it when done. No plugging it in and unplugging it is required. We had this done in our last home.

The challenge: getting the electricity to the back of the bathroom cabinet system for the Docking Drawer Blade Duo Outlet. The other electricians said this could not be done. Electricity from the outlets in the bathroom were not in the needed locations. We were told we would need to drill a 3″ circular hole through the granite countertop and just feed the electrical plug through there. This would have looked horrible.

Ellen disagreed and said this wouldn’t be a problem at all. She would pull electricity from the outlet in the hallway on the other side of the bathroom wall. It was perfectly located to put the outlet in the bathroom cabinet exactly where it needed to go. She was thinking outside of the bathroom for the solution to the bathroom problem. It worked beautifully!1

By the way, here is a picture of the Docking Drawer Blade Duo Outlet solution. I highly recommend it!

Ellen is cool. She’s way cool. She has a fantastic karma about her. She actually channels Rosie the Riveter. In fact, she reminded me so much of Rosie the Riveter, I asked her if I could take her photo and share it on my blog. Meet Ellen, the can do queen of electricians!

Oh, and Eric, pictured below, who assisted her on several visits, was a really nice guy as well.

Eric and Ellen (You can see the new color paint swatches on the wall on the right.)

The Painter

The painters finished up inside the house. The one problem with the painting: none of the colors are what we thought they would be. Well, one of the colors was. I should have known to paint 3 foot sections of the wall the different colors to double check them.

The light blue, which is supposed to be so light you think it could be white, is tremendously blue. The dark accent wall was supposed to be a dark, smoky grey with a hint of blue. It’s blue! The downstairs light beige looks white. Oh well. It is what it is.

Steve did exactly what I did. He insisted the painter got the wrong color. Then I took the tiny 1″ Benjamin Moore color sample we had chosen and held it up to the bluer than blue wall. It just disappears. The two colors are identical. I guess tiny color samples look lighter than huge walls of color.

Here’s a similar photo of the stairs shown above to show the contrast between the colors that were and the ones that now are. Of course, this photo was shot early in the morning with next to no outside light coming into the room. More photos of the house will follow in the coming weeks.

At least we like the contrast between the wood and the blue.

I’m just glad we finally have things completed. Those who know me know that I crave closure, and ongoing projects that seemingly never end drive me insane.

  1. This wasn’t the only thing we asked to be done that the other electricians that were asked to bid on the project said could not be accomplished that she accomplished!