That Moment iPhone Macro Lens

I’ve recently revisited the 10x Moment Macro Lens. I love this thing! Well, I just love macro photography in general: looking at the world in a different way. And the fact that you can get these kinds of macro results with the iPhone just tickles me pink – as is said in the South.

Anyway, I was inspired to snap a few macro phone photos around the house using the lens. In some of the photos you can see the dust! Here’s what I shot: (click/touch to enlarge)

I think my favorite shot is Helen’s toothpick creature! Here’s what we normally see when we look at it.

Helen’s Toothpick Creature
Oscar Wilde’s Book atop the Marble Table (Each shown above)
The Lamp with the Fabric Chair in the Background (Each shown above)

I find it interesting that the brown fabric chair stripes are made of at least two thread colors clearly visible in the macro shot near the top of this post but seen as only a single color without the 10x magnification of the macro lens.

Metal Lampshade (Shown above)

For more iPhone macro photography using the Moment 10x lens, check out the Macro iPhone Photography gallery below or go to this link. The gallery automatically updates as I add new photos to it.