Throwback Thursday Photo Retrospective (5 of 12)

Below are more old photos from my vintage Instagram account now long since deleted.

I love the old rusting, monstrous chains along the road beside the San Francisco bay heading to Fort Point. They replaced them a couple of years after this photo was taken. The replacements were a bit smaller and less bulky that the ones seen here. The salt water surf and salt air corrodes them.

The mesmerizing corridors inside of Fort Point, one of the coldest places in the Bay Area. The wind whips through the fort biting into everyone. One of Fort Point’s commanders ordered heavy coats and uniforms for the troops that were once stationed there. Supply changed the order saying this wasn’t a location in Alaska. The commander sent them all back saying, “You obviously have not been here. Send me what I requisitioned.” It’s always cold here. Always!

The lighthouse under the Golden Gate Bridge as framed by one of the windows at Fort Point.

The pointed rock by the north tower is one of “the needles.”

Mr. Orangutan was a gift to Steve when he had his back surgery many years ago. I picked the Orangutan up at the Pensacola Airport in a mad dash to get back to Sausalito to take Steve to the hospital when he blew his back out. I had no idea the Orangutan talked. You can hear him speak in my blog post at this link.

The Transfiguration of Tim! I have always said that the San Francisco Bay Area was the birthplace of my soul. This place speaks to me on a cellular level.

Below is a slideshow of my entire Vintage Instagram Gallery on SmugMug from which these photos were plucked. And this is the link to the first post in this series.