Throwback Thursday Photo Retrospective (4 of 12)

Below are more old photos from my vintage Instagram account now long since deleted.

Which came first: the house color or the car color? Only in San Francisco would one match the two.

Back in the 1990’s, I bought these chocolates wrapped in colorful tinfoil shaped like lady bugs. Those who know me well know I eat all chocolate on sight! So, for these to have survived for well over 2 decades sitting In my bowl shaped and colored like a fall leaf is nothing short of an unparalleled accomplishment. They were unwrapped and eaten by a little mouse when he found them a few months ago here in our home in Oregon. I was scandalized and traumatized on so many levels!

The coastline in the headlands is among my favorite places in the world. It is moody and mysterious, powerful and seductive.

There’s a nursery, Low Water Plants, along the 101 just north of Sausalito and Marin City in Mill Valley. They sell very nice plants. A flying saucer hangs from their ceiling! They also have a giant praying mantis on top of their roof. He will be seen in a later post in this series.

If you look closely, you will notice that a dog is driving the old Mercedes.

We frequented the Fort Baker area and loved walking the Satterlee Breakwater. A one occasion we found this vintage car parked taking in the view of the golden gate and its bridge as the fog rolled into the bay. What was even more delightful: the couple (male and female) were sitting inside the antique automobile. They were dressed in the glamorous attire of the 1920s. Loved it! Look closely, and you can see their headdress through the back window.

Below is a slideshow of my entire Vintage Instagram Gallery on SmugMug from which these photos were plucked. And this is the link to the first post in this series.