Turns of Phrase That Caught My Attention (part 2)

This is my second post in a series of unknown length. (I had never planned to make it a series of posts.) You can read the first list of four turns of phrase that caught my eye at this link. A reminder of what this post is (from the first post): On occasion I come across an expression that really catches my attention. Often, it’s a turn of phrase that, for whatever reason, makes me laugh. Sometimes it’s simply a word rarely used today.

I’ve taken to jotting these down to share later. So, here is my latest collection.

Words Matter

I’ve always been fascinated by language use. The words we choose to use matter. In my opinion, they don’t just describe our perception of reality, they can also shape it. They impact thinking; they impact possibility or lack thereof. And here is an example from Sir Tom Moore who is credited with “weaponizing optimism.”

A Bit Mental?

“Some of my fondest memories never happened.” – one of Steve’s friends. I just howled! What a great line.

Inventing David Geffen

Spoken by one of David’s children in the “documentary” (more like self promoted marketing piece): “I’m an only child, but I have 10 siblings. How messed up is that?” Well, kinda messed up.

Steve Really Did This

“Three years ago today I parallel parked in Scotland, and I wrote it down.” spoken by Steve. He was so impressed with himself, he noted it in his journal. And yes, 3 years later, just a few weeks ago, actually, we celebrated this astonishing accomplishment once again. I think it well may have been the first time he ever successfully accomplished such a thing. And, in Scotland, mind you, he was driving and parking and steering on the opposite side of the car and road than he was accustomed. We will leave out the fact the the car we had rented had this amazing 360º bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings in a large screen in the center of the console. He used this to park, and parked flawlessly the very first try.

I’ve Forgotten the Source

“Love each other for what you are. Forgive each other for what you aren’t.” It’s a nice sentiment. But, honestly, there are things I love about Steve because he isn’t this, that, or the other. So, the thought is nice but incomplete somehow.

From A YouTube Photographer I Follow

I was watching Thomas Heaton’s YouTube channel this morning. I recommend it. (His web presence is at this link.) He seems like a nice guy who enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking from the northern most tip of the Isle of Sky to the southerner most. He’s from the UK and uses the English language with that wonderful flare found outside of the states. In the video I watched today, he used two great expressions:

He said he likes to “have a good whinge and moan.” That’s fabulous! And he enjoys “a bit of a dawdle about.” What great expressions you sadly just don’t hear in the the US.