Throwback Thursday Photo Retrospective (3 of 12)

Below are more old photos from my vintage Instagram account now long since deleted.

The top left photo is of the dining room in a wonderful hotel in which we stayed in San Francisco when we were house hunting there, knowing that Steve was being transferred to the city.

When walking north along the strand, around El Segundo along the ocean, you come upon the birthplace of the sport of hang gliding. It’s pictured here where you can take lessons. You are attached to the glider in the photo and run toward the ocean, leaping off of a 10 – 20 foot sand dune.

This was just a VW Beetle parked along the side of the road near Hawk Hill in the headlands. The combination of the light, vehicle color, and the Instagram filter made it into a strikingly colorful photo.

On the second row, the dry hills and mountains of the headlands glow in the setting sun. The filter makes it even warmer.

Ah, the Point Bonita Lighthouse is one of my favorite places! Steve and I spent many, many hours volunteering there as docents.

I’m not sure where Steve got this hairy puff thing. He’s not even sure where he got it. But it makes a great Instagram photo!

Below is a slideshow of my entire Vintage Instagram Gallery on SmugMug from which these photos were plucked. And this is the link to the first post in this series.