IMG_9139 - Cape Sebastian and Myers Creek

After the Storm

I love weather! We just had a storm system, which the weather forecasts referred to as an “atmospheric river,” blow in from the ocean over the past two days. We got 2.71″ of rain over the two day period – enough to actually lower the risk of fire from the dry summer and exceed our monthly rainfall average.

Most of the heavy rainfall happened at night, and we had an initial “clearing” yesterday afternoon. I looked out yesterday afternoon and saw these magnificent views with the clouds rapidly moving along with the sun briefly piercing through the low-hanging, heavy clouds.

So, here are two partial panos of the storm pushing through. The Cape Sebastian pano is made up of 3 iPhone photos stitched together. The Crook Point pano is made from 4 iPhone photos stitched together.

Cape Sebastian
Crook Point

If you wish to see these images full size, you can find them in my iPhone Gallery at my SmugMug account at this link. This is the individual Cape Sebastian photo link, and this is the individual Crook Point photo link. I still marvel at the fact that these were shot on an iPhone1!

  1. the 12 Pro Max