At the Shore over the Years

I’ve really grown to love the short movie memories Photos artificial intelligence creates from the tens of thousands of photos I’ve shot on my iPhones through the years. Their AI algorithms process through all of the photos, identify what the photo is, pick photos on a theme, and assembles them automatically. The algorithms do a surprisingly good job of picking the more interesting photos. The user, me, in this case, literally does nothing.

The widget on my iPhone’s home screen then presents these movies or a collection of photos for me virtually every time I pick up the phone. Maybe Android phones do this as well; I don’t know. But it’s cool. It’s really cool. These little snippets of the past jog my memory, bringing to the forefront of my attention great times. And I’ve been crazy lucky to have had many, many great times.

So below is one such collection of memories the AI called At the Shore over the Years. The video reminds me of great times on beaches around the US and the world.