Second (Follow-up) Review of the Roborock S7 Now with Its RockDock

Back on June 19th I wrote a rather detailed initial “first impressions” blog post about our Roborock S7 Vacuum and Mop robot. You may recall that I really liked this robot. In fact, after having it for only a couple of days, we bought a second one for downstairs.

Roborock S7 on the RockDock

We also pre-ordered the RockDock–a docking station that automatically removes the dust and debris from the Roborock’s onboard dustbin. The S7 returns to the RockDock to automatically recharge and empty its dustbin. After the large dustbin in the RockDock is full, you replace the bag with a new one.

We’ve used the two S7s for about 3 months now. And we have had the RockDocks for over a month. So, now the question is: after using these in the real world scenario of a dusty, sandy house on the beach, what do we think of them now?

Without the RockDock, I was emptying the two robots’ dustbins every two to three days. The robot does such an excellent job cleaning the floors, cleaning the onboard dustbin is a rather nasty process. I always wondered, “Where in the world does all of this mess come from?!” Only a small percentage of our house has carpet, but that carpet must get filthy! So, I was very eager to get the RockDocks. I had high hopes for them.

When the robots return to their RockDocks and connect themselves for charging, the RockDock automatically empties the onboard dustbin. It makes a good bit of noise for maybe 15 seconds or so as it sucks all of the debris and dust out of the onboard dustbin. It all goes into a vacuum cleaner-like bag in the RockDock. That bag is considerably larger than the robot’s onboard dustbin.

Roborock S7 on the RockDock

Having seen how much and how nasty the onboard debris is, I was a bit concerned that the RockDock might not be able to get it all out of the robot. However, after several days, I checked to see if the onboard dustbin still had a lot of yucky dust, carpet fibers, and whatnot inside of it. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it remained. It was vastly cleaner than when I would empty the onboard dustbin by hand. I’ve checked it several times since, and I remain impressed. The RockDock does a really good job cleaning out the robot!

I have not needed to empty the vacuum cleaner-styled debris bag in the RockDock yet. Roborock advertises that the entire process is hypoallergenic. All of the dust and debris remain trapped in the bag as it is removed from the RockDock to be placed in the trashcan. In fact, by design, removing the bag from the RockDock closes the opening; so, nothing can get out. And the bag material is thick enough to keep the nasty debris all inside. Again, I haven’t tried this, but this is what is advertised.

I don’t know how often I’ll need to empty the bag in the RockDock, maybe every three months? And I assume everyone’s routine would be different depending on their locations and lifestyles: for example, we don’t have any pets.

The only issues we’ve had with our robots has been it getting trapped, once in the closet (the hangin clothes were low and “confused it” somehow, and a couple of times on a particular area rug with a more loose pile and chairs with thin legs. It gets trapped trying to turn around those legs for some reason. I’ve had to expand the no go zone around those legs to keep the robot completely away from them.

I have not had to vacuum or mop the house at all since we got these. With a house the size of ours this has saved me a lot of time–a lot. The vacuums run their scheduled routines.

So, I remain a huge fan of these devices. Our floors have never been as clean as they are now, and I’m doing nothing but changing the mop pad every two weeks and adding water as needed.

I really like the RockDock. Know in advance that it makes a lot of noise for around 15 seconds when it empties the onboard dustbin–sounding more like a typical vacuum cleaner. But, in my opinion anyway, that’s a very small price to pay to avoid dealing with cleaning the onboard dustbins.

If you are in the market for a robot vacuum and mop, and even if you aren’t (you should consider them), I highly recommend these products.


I don't do endorsements for any company or product. I only write about things I purchase, use, and really enjoy or really hate. So, what I write here are my own opinions about products or companies based on my firsthand experiences with them.

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