Kiteboarding on the River

Yesterday I noticed someone was kiteboarding on the river (now lake) next to the Pacific Ocean. I drove down while Steve was busy making dinner. I went to the pull out on the 101 just north of the Pistol River bridge. This guy was a combination of nuts and insanely athletic. 

He would tack back and forth across the river. When he was heading toward me, he would let the wind catch him, lift him 3 – 5 stories into the air, and then go flying in the air as far as 1,000 feet before coming back down onto the river again. Maybe half of the time he would lose his board, but many times he would come crashing down in a speed blitz that zipped him across the water at crazy speed. He was really impressive.

I shot numerous short videos of him. The best angle was shot when I was seated on a piece of driftwood down at the water’s edge. Even at a 2.5 zoom, he was a bit too far away. However, the distance means you could generally see his kite pulling him. When he got close enough to actually show some image detail about him, the kite often went out of frame.

This looks like a blast! I need to get down there with my good camera. These were both shot on the iPhone. Shooting this on an iPhone is harder than one might think because the sun is so bright you frequently can’t see the image on screen. A lot of guesswork is involved.

Oh, and you know how it goes: I missed the shot that was total perfection and the most dramatic: the highest, the fastest, the furthest flying distance, the perfect landing!

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