Johnny Johnson, R.I.P.

I knew Johnny Johnson from my work in the Cobb County School District. Johnny was the board member for my school (1997 – 2008). I knew him as kind, thoughtful, generous, and always jovial. He cared deeply about the school community and about children. Every time I invited him to the school, he was there smiling and personable.

Johnny Johnson

Johnny was very active in the community, in civic organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Kiwanis Club to name a few. He enjoyed dressing up as Santa Clause at his store and for the Holiday Lights celebration at East Cobb Park. Cobb County is a better place today because Johnny Johnson shared the largess of his heart with that community for many, many years.

He was truly a good man with a beautiful soul. I was deeply saddened to learn recently that he contracted COVID-19 and, a short time later, he died of the disease. My condolences to his family and friends.

Johnny Johnson
December, 1945 – February, 2021 (75 years old)