Newly Discovered: Star Drive Screws

For all I know, these screws could have been around for years, decades even. But I learned about them when we first moved to the Pacific Northwest: Star Drive Screws.

Is it just me, or are the manufacturers of Phillips Head screws making their screws out of crap metal? More times than not in the past couple of years I strip the head of the screw no matter how careful I’m trying to be. I’ve even had to purchase those tool bits that will reverse screw the messed up screw out of its hole once the screw head has been decimated.

But one of our neighbors out her- introduced me to Star Drive Screws. The head of the screw is star-shaped. With the extra surface area for the drill bit to grip, I have yet to strip one. I love these things! The screw driver portion fits solidly into the head of the screw.

Star Drive Screws and Drill Bit

The screws come in different sizes. The only draw back is that each size requires its own drill bit to screw/unscrew. But, when you buy a container of the screws, you get a free bit with them.

Tim highly recommends!