Today: US Coup Attempt by Domestic Terrorists Deliberately Incited by Donald Trump

I’ve tried exceptionally hard not to write much about politics in the last year or so, but right now I’m furiously angry. I write this post to document US history and begin a conversation about who is to blame and the need for accountability.

Today Donald Trump and his cronies addresed a crowd of 30,000 supporters and incited them to commit acts of domestic terrorism in Washington, DC.

The storming of the capitol building for the purpose of preventing it from carrying out its constitutional duties and the violence that ensued should have surprised nobody. This was carefully planned in public. Why was capitol police inadequately prepared? Why were all local and federal law enforcement agencies uninformed and slow to respond?

Was today Trump’s final desperate insurrection/coup attempt (his latest grift to violate the will of the American people)? Was he also attempting to build a profitable future audience for his post Biden inauguration media efforts? Perhaps it was simply the last stages of his psychotic break from reality? Was his failure to immediately send in the national guard his effort to have Congress members and Senators assassinated, held hostage, or merely harmed?

Whatever it was, he needs to be removed from office immediately, tried and convicted, and spend the rest of his life in prison for sedition, insurrection, treason, and failing to fulfill his sworn duties to the Constitution of the United States in addition to all of the other criminal activities he has flouted for the past 4 years. In no way whatsoever should he be allowed to profit from his destruction of American democracy or be granted access to any media outlets or have internet access.

I have always loathed this man personally well before his foray into politics. His behavior for decades has had the clear hallmarks of those of a despicable human being with very serious psychological and moral issues. And I now also detest him for all of the damage he has done to my country. His presidency has done nothing to make America great. He has robbed America of its reputation and standing in the world–not that he gives a damn.

But Trump himself is not solely to blame.

Let’s talk about the GOP’s enduring complicit behavior. Let’s talk about the hideous role technology monopolies have played in aiding and abetting. Let’s not forget media’s lack of due diligence in reporting from the very outset. Let’s talk about Mitch McConnell’s indefensible role in all of this. And there is Fox News and all of the members of the conservative propaganda machine perpetuating lies and nonsense1 . Numerous people need and must be held accountable from the top to the bottom–all of those poor used fools doing Trump’s bidding committing acts of domestic terrorism2 !

I never in my entire life thought I would see anything like this happen in the United States–a coup attempt from a sitting president, the Hair Furor! For now, I only have one thing to say:


  1. Good god! How many more times are we going to hear that the Democrats are coming for our guns? Isn’t that worn out yet?! 

  2. The poor people who lost their lives for absolutely nothing!