We Don’t Accept Cash

Just over a year ago, we purchased our pickup truck, a 1500 RAM Laramie. Yeah, I never imagined myself as a pickup truck sort of guy, but we were thinking about buying an RV and touring the West when we moved out here. We would need something more utilitarian than our Prius Prime, Smurph1

After finally agreeing on the vehicle and the price for it, we were going to just cut them a check for the full amount of the purchase. No. They don’t take checks for that amount. What?! Call the bank and verify the funds are there. They did. But still, no. Really?! Fraud.

And they can’t accept cash in that amount either. We could be terrorists or something–who knows. Rules. Keeping the world safe and all of that. We had two choices: wire transfer the money into their account (which would cost us money and turned out to be one hell of a mess to accomplish–like buying a house), or finance the truck. No, we don’t finance anything. You have got to be kidding me.

So, despite the fact that we each have a perfect credit score, instead of walking out with the truck and them having the money we agreed to for the cost of the truck, we spent about a week securing the funds from our own account. Our bank was keeping us safe from fraud–or so they said.

So this is what capitalism has now come to, and I hate it. What you think you own, you only kind of own if it’s in a bank. Unless someone is making money off of your spending money (besides just the merchant), buying something is increasingly difficult. I suspect this is only going to get worse as predatory capitalism eats itself alive. But the good news is we weren’t the victims of fraud in the whole affair – or were we? I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

  1. Yes, I know that’s not how the little elves spell themselves, but ours is just the colour of one, not actually one, and marketing insisted. [wink]