The Workout Room

One of the greatest house improvements resulting from our move has been our exercise room. Previously, the exercise equipment was crammed into the tiny unfinished mechanical room of our home. We had to squeeze around it.

But in our new home, the exercise room is utterly expansive by comparison. One wall is windows with an expansive view of the old growth forest. The room has 6 skylights–3 of which open/close via remote control. Another wall is pretty much glass as well. And the ceiling is super high. We love it

Additionally, I’m not sure I mentioned we have a new (purchased last holiday season at a Black Friday sale) AirDyne exercise bike. It blows air on you (or you can put a guard on to prevent that) while you work out. Unlike our previous AirDyne, this one is virtually silent. It just sounds like a fan is on. The original AirDyne made a great deal of noise from the chain. Not this one.

Here are some photos of the sunroom/exercise/plant room. Click to see the larger photo. You can catch a glimpse of the AirDyne.