Our Tin Cats

I mentioned we have some furry friends about the property. Apparently pack rats and mice are very common in this area. We know we have a pack rat (outside), and we know we have at least one mouse (inside).

The mouse is cute, but I don’t want to see a mouse inside the house–ever! Outside? Whatever. But never inside.

We were unsure what we should do about the mouse. I didn’t want to poison it and have it die in the walls or in some crawl space. I didn’t want to kill it with a mechanical trap and have to dispose of the body. I didn’t want to maim it with a mousetrap that didn’t actually kill it. So, what do you do?

The Tin Cat

Well, it just happens that one of the RV channels we follow had a mouse in their RV. They did an episode on it. They too wanted some human solution to the problem. They recommended the Tin Cat mouse trap.

Apparently a mouse can walk into the trap but can not get out. The trap can hold up to 30 of them. It doesn’t kill or injure them. It just traps them inside. I piddled with it to try to figure out how it traps them inside, but I couldn’t figure it out. That remains a mystery.

The traps a very solid and sturdy. And, they are surprisingly affordable. The two pack was only $20 at Amazon.

Once a mouse is trapped inside, you simply take the trap at least 2 miles away and release the critter back into the wild. (You have to take them at least 2 miles away because they otherwise have an uncanny ability to return to their home nest.)

Inside the Tin Cat

I would much prefer for nature to run its course; so, the Tin Cat seemed like the best solution: trap and release.

We bought 2 of them and put one under the sink and the other at the landing of the stairs. We put some bait inside each one. Each trap has two entrances–one on opposite sides.

At first I was disappointed that they were not working as the traps remained empty–until yesterday. A mouse went inside the one on the stairs and could not get out. Yay! He just sat inside the trap looking out at us through the holes in the sides of the trap.

So, the traps work!