Tow Truck Getting Ready to Lift the Stuck Piano Truck

We’re Part of Sausalito Folklore!

What could be cooler than that?!

Today I met a couple from Sausalito. We were all chatting about the small fishing village then to become warship building central then to become tourist Mecca.

We lived in Sausalito from about 2011-ish to 2014-ish. During this time we had my childhood baby grand piano moved from Florida to our home atop the hill. We had emphatically warned the moving company that we lived on the second steepest hill in town, and in Sausalito, that’s saying something!

Despite our warnings, the delivery company got the truck stuck on our street, blocking our entire neighborhood. You can read all about it at this post written when this happened back in November, 2012.

Anyway, the Sausalito couple we visited with today asked where we lived when we lived there. We told them we were on the second steepest street in town and that our piano delivery had gotten stuck. Damion, a radiologist, was incredulous. He had heard about this incident!

It’s wonderful to be part of the folklore for such a quirky and delightful little town. So, today, they got to see the piano that blocked the street for hours!

Piano Moving Truck Stuck
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